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Decathlon Domyos
Fitness Collection


Women are going back to their roots, to their primal, animal instincts. An arid climate reflected in a mixture of blanched greens and pink rock dust. She can reveal herself as she is deep down, both sweet and sensitive but also wild and strong. A primal instinct range that reflects this sweetness and power. Femininity is sacred.

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At DOMYOS, our LEITMOTIV is you! Inspired by you, we work every day to give you the most personalized response possible, whatever your sporting history, your physical condition, your cardio goals, your needs, your size, ... Focused on style, comfort and performance technical, our products are intended to integrate well-being into your daily life through fitness.


Our novelties are under the sign of technicality and well-being. Designed with stretchy and breathable components, our collection adapts to your lifestyle, routine and goals. The whole range, from head to toe, is designed for 360 ° freedom of movement: our products are MADE FOR FITNESS!


Our collections are designed for your daily life. The technicality of our parts, allows training at different intensities without sacrificing style. Our outfits are created not only with the body in mind, but also with the lifestyle. The different pieces of our collection can be mixed, layered and matched with sportswear, but also with your daily wardrobe to create the sportswear look that suits you!


We know the importance of feeling good in our sportswear. And we have a desire to offer comfortable pieces in all circumstances. Neat cuts and reworked according to your desires and your needs. Special attention to the materials and components of our sets and numerous wear tests to ensure the perfect fit and offer the part you need.